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AdsDax has forged ahead as it continues on a path towards disrupting and ultimately reinventing advertising. As a result of this progress many ad industry stakeholders and media outlets are now starting to take notice of the potential of the AdsDax platform, and blockchain in general.

In their latest post Diray Media, a media buyer with over 30 years of experience in advertising, discuss the AdsDax platform and its potential in helping advertisers make better choices with their ad budget.

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Blockchain is changing the way advertisers do business

In their blog, Diray media examine the potential applications of blockchain technology in the advertising industry. The blog covers the impact these changes might have on media buying and the potential benefits that industry stakeholders could take advantage of. Finally Diray Media look at how blockchain is currently being put into action, discussing how AdsDax’s live platform is currently helping brands to make more informed decisions and become more efficient in their media buying efforts.

The full article can be viewed here: Blockchain Meets Advertising