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After becoming one of the launch companies for Hedera Hashgraph’s Open Access, AdsDax has continued to expand its platform and more closely integrate with Hedera Hashgraph. AdsDax is using Hedera Hashgraph technology as a tool in its ongoing fight for transparency, openness and change in the ad industry.

The recently unveiled Hedera Consensus Service, which allows platforms like AdsDax to directly access the consensus mechanisms of Hedera Hashgraph, bypassing the need to use the cryptocurrency service. The AdsDax team have been evaluating HCS technology with a view to leveraging its features in our advertising platform.

As an early adopter of Hashgraph technology AdsDax were given the chance to develop a demo application to not only showcase how HCS works to the development community but also to validate the robustness, throughput and availability of the consensus service. Since AdsDax launched its tracking topic on the testnet on the 24th January, it has tracked over 45m event messages using the Consensus Service.

Our lead developer, Rhys Davies, has written a blog post for Hedera that goes into the very fine details of how the demo applications works, and how AdsDax is utilising HCS.

To see how the AdsDax is using the consensus service, and access the demo application, head over to the post on the Hedera Hashgraph Blog.

AdsDax is excited for the future of the Consensus Service. We are holding ongoing discussions with our advertisers, publishers and other ad industry stakeholders to ensure we are offering the most transparent advertising marketplace possible, whilst still respecting each party’s needs and requirements.

One step we are taking towards this is by continuing our on-going relationship with the DragonGlass team by offering our Advertising partners the ability to stream all of their advert events in real-time without having to set up their own mirror nodes or even installing any of the Hedera SDKs.

We look forward to using HCS on the mainnet soon, and seeing what other exciting and innovative uses that the rest of the Hedera community has found for using the Consensus Service.