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Innovative ad platform continues on path towards reinventing the ad industry

AdsDax, an advertising platform powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT), has passed a major milestone, executing over 10 million transactions on Hedera Hashgraph since the network opened access to its mainnet beta a month ago.

AdsDax has been using Hedera Hashgraph to track and verify advertising events for large enterprises, as well as executing real-time payments based on the data received. Since opening access of the Hedera mainnet, AdsDax has recorded over 103 million ad events, resulting in over 10 million hbar payments.

Ian Mullins, founder and CEO of AdsDax, said, “This is a major milestone for both AdsDax and Hedera. Reaching over 10 million real payments is a massive success, but to do it so quickly showcases not only the potential of the hashgraph technology but also validates the speed, scalability and robustness of the AdsDax platform to reinvent the ad industry. Hedera Hashgraph has proven it has the scale, speed and reliability to handle the live advert tracking data that we have been handling in recent campaigns.”

Working with Hedera, AdsDax has been tracking millions of live events from programmatic advertising in real time, allowing advertisers and other stakeholders to see engagement and use this information to make informed decisions and manage budget more efficiently.

“AdsDax is revolutionizing the advertising industry by not only providing highly interactive, engaging platforms, but also by rewarding customers for engaging with ads, and by giving advertisers unprecedented visibility into the success of their campaigns,” said Jordan Fried, SVP of Business Development for Hedera. “We are thrilled that they have reached this milestone on the Hedera network, and look forward to working with them as they continue to grow their business.”

AdsDax aims to create a decentralized ecosystem for advertising that uses DLT to remove costly intermediaries with a vision to not only put consumers in control of their data, but also to reward them for their engagement with advertising. AdsDax aims to reward and incentivise millions of consumers and create a new direct relationship between advertisers and consumers through payments and value creation.

Ian Mullins concluded, “We are very happy with the success of our Hedera Hashgraph implementation and the scale, speed and stability our platform is enjoying. Based on stats from, AdsDax has been executing more daily transactions on Hedera Hashgraph than there are on the entire Bitcoin network each day, and we are continuing to grow rapidly.”