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AdsDax to leverage Hedera’s micropayment capabilities and transaction speed in advertising platform.


AdsDax, an advertising platform powered by distributed ledger technology (DLT), has today announced that it has moved its ad platform to the Hedera Hashgraph mainnet, with over two million transactions already submitted on the Hedera mainnet. AdsDax has been using Hedera, an enterprise-grade public distributed ledger, for several months to track and verify advertising events for large enterprises, including Havas MediaIsobar and CIMB.

Ian Mullins, Founder and CEO of AdsDax, said, “AdsDax has ambitious plans to solve the problem of ad fraud in the ad industry. Currently, advertisers are unable to guarantee whether their campaigns have reached the audience they were promised, or if their campaigns have generated any real results. AdsDax is leveraging Hedera Hashgraph to build a platform that will track and verify advertising events and engagement, while providing security, resilience, scalability, and transparency, without the need for middlemen. Hashgraph has proven it has the scale, speed and reliability to handle all of the live advert tracking data and programmatic event data that we have been handling in recent campaigns.”

Hedera Hashgraph is a next-generation public distributed ledger that aims to directly address four fundamental challenges to mainstream market adoption of public ledger technology: performance, security, stability, and governance. Today, Hedera opened access to its mainnet beta, allowing anyone who is eligible to create an account to build decentralized applications (dapps) on the Hedera platform.

Harnessing the speed and scalability of hashgraph technology, AdsDax can track millions of live events in programmatic advertising in real-time, allowing advertisers and other stakeholders to see engagement and use this information to make informed decisions and manage budget more efficiently. AdsDax will also employ Hedera’s micropayment capabilities to allow for transparent, real-time payments and micro-transactions directly from advertisers to consumers and publishers.

Mance Harmon, Co-founder and CEO of Hedera Hashgraph, said, “Opening access to Hedera’s mainnet marked an enormous milestone in our journey to decentralize the digital world. Thousands of decentralized applications (dapps) can now be launched on the Hedera network, bringing our collective vision to life. AdsDax, the first advertising services solution to launch on Hedera, capitalizes on Hedera’s combined strengths of performance, speed, and security in its mission to reshape and decentralize a mammoth industry — which is exactly what Hedera was built for.”

AdsDax has previously unveiled its mission to tackle the problems of ad fraud and tracking in advertising through an end-to-end platform leveraging DLT. AdsDax aims to create a decentralized ecosystem for advertising that uses DLT to remove costly intermediaries and reward consumers’ interactions.

Mullins concluded, “As we move forward and bring our vision of a decentralized advertising ecosystem to life, we will bring consumers to the heart of what we do. We are building an advertising industry based on maximum engagement and public participation, in which advertisers are empowered to reach consumers in the most effective and organic way possible. Utilizing hashgraph technology will allow us to vastly increase the speed, trust, and transparency with which we operate.”

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